7Calc is a Desktop Gadget expression calculator for Windows 7. It is the spiritual successor to the original Supecalc program. 7Calc is implemented as a Desktop Gadget, which means that it can be docked to the side of your desktop.

Programmer Mode

7Calc allows full C-style expressions and uses integer maths to evaluate expressions, providing the same results that would be produced by a native C++ program.

Results can be displayed as Binary, Decimal or Hexadecimal, and in Signed or Unsigned formats.

Scientific Mode

Scientific mode uses floating-point maths to evaluate the expressions typed into 7Calc. This allows a greater level of precision that programmer mode. Results can be displayed in Exponential or Fixed-point format.

Fraction Mode

Fraction mode evaluates all expressions as if they were fractional numbers, thereby preserving accuracy. Numbers can be displayed as Rational, or Irrational fractions.

Sourcecode available on github

7Calc is hosted on github.com under the MIT licence