After many years a new version of HexEdit is in sight! This is a brand new, complete re-write of the original HexEdit program available on this site. There is still some development before it is finished, so I have thrown together this quick page to give any interested people some information about the new version. If you have any features you'd like to see then now's your chance!

Before you scroll down to view the rest of the screen shots, bear in mind that some of the user-interface details are still quite rough, there are quite a few areas to be improved yet. What you are seeing here is not the final version but should give a good idea as to how the project is progressing.

New features
Bookmarks and annotations within the hex display.
Import and Export of many more file formats, including:
Base64, UUEncode, Intel Hex and Motorola S-Records, HTML, C++
Improved Find and Replace dialog with support for more formats
Vastly improved TypeView, which now supports full C syntax and proper nested structs/unions.
Fully Unicode enabled.