Latest News

HexEdit 2.0.6

New release of HexEdit:

  • File saving bug fixes
  • Base64 and hex-dump import bug fixes
  • Fixed-offset addressing when resizing hex & ascii panes

HexEdit 2.0.4

A new version of HexEdit has been released - version 2.0.4. This version addressed a lot of the bugs and issues that were present in the earlier beta versions. HexEdit should be fairly stable and usable now!

This new version also coincides with the release of the HexEdit sourcecode under MIT licence. Visit the sourcecode repository on github for more information:

7Calc released

7Calc is a Windows 7 desktop gadget. It is the spiritual successor to Supercalc.

7Calc has been released under the MIT licence. Full sourcecode is available on github

Visit the 7Calc homepage.

HexEdit Open Sourced

HexEdit is finally seeing the light of day as a fully  open-sourced project. I have a few changes to make in order to tidy up the source-code and make it presentable. Expected release date is very soon now.

Welcome to Catch22!

Welcome to the new-look Catch22!