Catch22 Productions is the name I have created to publish my personal projects. Catch22 is a non-profit making company. My real name is James Brown, and I am a professional software engineer specializing in win32 graphics and application programming.

Please email james[at]catch22[dot]net if you would like to contact me. Include the text '[catch22]' in the subject line to make sure you get through my spam-filters :-)

Alternatively you can use the Contact form.

In 2006 and 2007 I was awarded MVP status by Microsoft, as a Windows SDK MVP

MVP for Windows SDK
2006 - 2007

I have created this site as a place to make publically available any software or programming related articles that I have written. The sole purpose of this site is to provide quality software for free download to any member of the internet community.

All software that you find on this site has been written without the aid of programming libraries such as MFC. Consequently, you will find that the software programs are much smaller in size than any equivalent program, and run faster and slicker as a result. I have spent alot of time ensuring that my software is bug-free and intuitive to use.

I hope you enjoy the Catch22 experience.